DescriptionWeightWidthHeightPrice per dayPrice per weekPrice per monthLong term hire
Platform height 1.2m / 4'0"15.6032.00120.00Call
Platform height 2.6m / 8'6"17.6035.20135.00Call
Platform height 3.6m / 11'10"18.7037.40140.00Call
Platform height 4.6m / 15'1"23.1046.20200.00Call
Platform height 5.6m / 18'4"24.2048.40200.00Call
Platform height 6.6m / 21'8"27.5055.00200.00Call
For access to centre or side stacks : half unit or full unit Call Call Call Call
Alloy/Wood; 2 x 3 m, extends to 5.3m / 17'5"Call Call Call Call
Length 8' - 13'Call Call Call Call
Various base sizes Call Call Call Call

Access < 6m

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